Cafeteria La Canasta - La Cala de Mijas

“Yo orquesto mis mañanas al son del café” - Harry Mahtar



We want our clients to have an excellent experience while visiting our Coffee Shop, be they visiting for business or pleasure.


Our staff work hard to satisfy all your needs and give the best service possible. Our mission is to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where out clients can relax and enjoy themselves, have some excellent food and drink and leave with a smile on their faces and the desire to return again. Although occasionlly things don't go as smoothly as desired (and the proverbial *** hits the fan), we hope you enjoy your visit. 


The family opened the business in 1983 and since then have been serving our neighbours and clients. Over the last more than 30 years, there have been a few ups and downs as in normal, but we have always made an effort to offer the best service and attention to our clients. We hope you enjoy your visit and leave with a positive impression of La Canasta in La Cala de Mijas. Thank you.