Cafeteria La Canasta - La Cala de Mijas

“Yo orquesto mis mañanas al son del café” - Harry Mahtar



in the Coffee Shop we have several sections of our products. Below you can find information on our different products though keep in mind that throughout the year we change some of these products according to to the season or linked to traditional times of the year, festivities etc. All our products are fresh and are prepeared on a daily basis so that you can enjoy their full flavour and quality.



We offer a wide selection of breads including; Small rolls, Soy, Multi-cereal, 100% Rye, Wholegrain, Spelt, Antequera baps, Baguettes (both traditional & wholegrain), Farmhouse Loaves, Malaga bread, Rustic and German malt bread to name just a few.

We also have other baking products such as flour, breadcrumbs, bread sticks, etc.


We offer a selection of delicious ice-cream which you can enjoy on its own or combined with coffee, desserts or fruit. Our flavours include; Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Oreo, Cookies, Lemon.

How about combining some warm brownie with vanilla ice-cream and a drizzle of yogurt sauce .... sounds appetizing? Or how about some banana, coffee and ice-cream turned into a shake? That has to "knock your socks off!



Our confitionary section offers not only freshly-baked traditional sweet rolls but also a wide selection of puff pastries, tartlets, sponges, lebanese sweets, fritters, eclaires, apple tarts, biscuits, muffins and cakes for all occasions.

You'll also always find the typical and traditional sweets for seasonal or festive periods.


Each day we have a selection of tapas, salads, open-topped sandwiches and snacks which you can enjoy at any time of the day, especially if you accompany them with a nice cold beer, a wine served just so, or the soft drink of your choice

Try our pot-roast and ham croquettes, scrambled eggs with potato and ham, russian salad, chicken curry, smoked salmon toastie, serrano ham and cheese, chicken confit ...


Enjoy our great selection of coffees, teas and infusions which make each visit a refreshing, relaxing or fun experience ... its up to you to decide.

Además de las bebidas calientes, tenemos zumos y batidos de fruta natural, batidos de invierno y postres con yogur, sin olvidar las bebidas y los vinos de toda la vida!


Need to recoup some energy, have something refreshing and satisfying, maybe a little detox session? With our selection of fresh fruit you can enjoy a delicious shake, juice or smoothie which will help you to get on with your day and take a little care of yourself.

Of course, if its more a question of just enjoying yourself, we have those sinfully delicious chocolate, Oreo or fudge shakes ... you get the drift, right?